You asked: Who is the voice of Al on baby first?

Gabriella Lewis is a voice actress for BabyFirst TV.

What shows were on BabyFirst?

Original programming

  • 123 Race.
  • ABC Galaxy.
  • Albert and Junior.
  • Baby D.I.Y.
  • Baby Maze.
  • Baby U.
  • Big Box Adventure.
  • Black and White.

Who does the voice of Petey the paintbrush?

Lance Robertson (I)

How much is BabyFirst on Roku?

More videos on YouTube

BabyFirst is committed to provide a fresh, safe, and engaging platform for toddlers and babies to learn about the world around them – in a way they can really get to grips with. FEES: Currently $5.99/month or $39.99/year with 2-month free trial through the babyfirst website.

Who is the voice of toot on squeak?

The 3 Mice are Played by Colin Purves (Tog), Lynn Robertson Bruce (Toot) and Kim Bergsagel (Tizzy) and voiced by Current ITV News Narrator Gayanne Potter (Tog), Scottish/English Actress Jo James (Toot) and Muppeteer Colin Purves (Tizzy) which then was replaced by Mickey Mouse Club UK CoHost Ian Sexon.

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